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U.S. Passports

All U.S. passport applications submitted at the U.S. embassies and consulates are sent to the United States for processing.  Upon receipt of a completed application, processing generally takes two weeks for passport applications submitted in Chiang Mai.  As soon as the passport arrives, we will notify you by e-mail with instructions for pick-up.  You or your designee must pick it up at the Consulate.  (Note: If you order a passport card, please allow six weeks.)  American citizens in Thailand should seek early renewal of expiring passports.   Please keep in mind that many countries require passports to be valid for at least six months beyond the travel dates.

When you pick up your new passport, we will cancel your current passport, but we will not touch any visas inside.  If you have a valid foreign visa in your current passport, you should check with that country's Embassy or Consulate to find out if you must transfer the visa to your new passport.  For Thai visas, contact the Thai Immigration Bureau

The links in the passport categories below will take you to the Department of State Passport Wizard.  The Passport Wizard will walk you through the process of filling out any passport service form electronically and put the information into a barcode that we can upload instantly when you come in to apply for your passport.  Please refer to the tip for using passport wizardAfter filling out your application online, print and bring your application with you to the Consulate with an appointment. Applications filled out by hand will significantly increase wait times at the Consulate.

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